6 Most Common Tarot Spreads And Their Uses

Another question that I commonly get asked is what are the most common tarot spreads?In a previous article “The Six most Popular Tarot Decks”, I listed out what the most popular Tarot decks were, what you can choose from and how to know what deck is the most appropriate for you.

Today, let’sdiscuss the different Tarot spreads. We are literally going to lay down the cards on the table.

In no particular order, here are what I believe to be the 6 most common tarot spreads.


The “TRUE LOVE” Spread

It should come as no surprise that this is one of the spreads on this list. Everyone likes to know where their love lives are going, what will happen to their romantic relationships, and if they will be happy. This spread is very useful to evaluate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections with your partner.


numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6


This is a six-card spread.

#1 – This card represents you. It signifies what you currently feel about your relationship, your approach, and your outlook.

#2 – The second card represent your partner. It also represents his current emotions towards you, his attitude, and expectations about your relationship.

#3 – This is a connection card. What are the characteristics that you have in common binding you together?

#4 – This indicates the strength of your relationship. What are the qualities that keep your relationship?

#5 – This denotes the weakness of your relationship. What are the things you both need to improve?

#6 – This final card is your true love card. It interprets what needs to be addressed. Is your relationship going to be successful? If there is a threat, what must be done?


The “SUCCESS” Spread

The success spread an excellent situational spread to use when you are facing an obstacle or challenge and do not know how to approach it. This spread helps you to better understand the true nature of the obstacle you face, as well as helping you to identify what skills and resources you have at your disposal to not just face, but overcome these obstacles!


numbers 4 2 1 3 5


#1 – This card signifies your major concern or obstacle.

#2 – This card talks about your current challenges and complications.

#3 – This card reveals the hidden factors that you need to know affecting your current situation.

#4 – This card represents new ideas, people, or things that can help you grow further.

#5 – This is the indicator of what you need to do to be successful or what you should avoid to fail.


The “Celtic Cross” Spread

Despite it’s complexity, the “Celtic Cross” is a spread that has been in used for many ages. And in it’s complexity, lays its charm. I find this spread to be the most helpful in complicated situations, because it’s versatile and it’s positions deliver vast amount of information that can be read in several ways depending on the combinations. It points to issues that are of the client’s own making, but also shows what outside influences are at play.




#1 – It presents your current situation.

#2 – This across card will either tell you what is helping you or what is holding you back.

#3 – It tackles your subconscious influences. What does your heart truly desire that you are unaware of? These influences you do not know have powerful effect in your everyday life.

#4 – This is your past card. What past events or issues are bugging your life until now? Bad past may have an adverse effect in your current situation that you probably need to let go real soon, and good past must be acknowledged as your life inspiration.

#5 – This deals with your conscious desires. What are your objectives and goals that are of extreme value to you right now? This is where you should place your strongest energy. Depending on the card, it may also signify how you should use that energy.

#6 – This is your headlight. Where are you going? What path are you tracing? If the card says there is a negative energy on your way, what can you do to avoid it? How will you redirect your life to a better track?

#7 – This card is your attitude. It represents your actions, thoughts, and ideals.

#8 – This is an energy card. What kind of energy do you get from the people surrounding you and your environment? Are they helpful?

#9 – This is a revelation card. It signifies the things that you should know and be aware of in your current situation. Something you should never neglect.

#10 – Final card and it means your final outcome. Based on your current energies, this will have a strong connection with your #5 card. What does it say? Are the energies complementing or conflicting each other?


The “Spiritual Guidance” Spread

Similar to the Success Spread, the Spiritual Guidance spread is used situationally during times when you are faced with obstacles or challenges of a spiritual nature, usually related to your own growth or development. This spread is designed to give you a broader perspective, and includes information to help you along your spiritual path and important life lessons.


numbers 2 3 4


#1 – This is your primary concern, question, or issue.

#2 – This card interprets your motivation for your quest for guidance.

#3 – Thisidentifies the areas in your life you are anxious or disheartened about.

#4 – This card signifies the events in your current situation that you are unaware of.

#5 – This is your advice card. It will provide you knowledge on what you should do or not do to overcome your apprehensions.

#6 –This card will tell you the best way to proceed from your worries and what you should do to keep moving.

#7 – This card tells you how to move forward with a positive light.

#8 – Finally, this card wraps up the possible results you will get if you are able to follow the guide light successfully.


The “Career Path” Spread

If you are an employee who feels like you have remained stagnant, stuck in a rut for years, vying to be promoted, but to no gain, this spread is for you.It is a great spread that will help you to understand any obstacles you may be facing in your professional life, and suggeststrategies to on how to deal with these issue.

Alternatively, if you are unhappy with your current career choice, this is the spread to use to suggest alternative paths based on your personal strengths.


numbers 2 1


#1 – This card interprets the answer to the question: “Is your current job your ideal job?”

#2 – This card signifies what actions must be taken to further your career.

#3 – This card reveals the aspects in your career life that you can no longer alter.

#4 – This card shows your level of performance in your current job. Are you exerting enough effort to get to the top or even to accelerate?

#5 – The fifth card tells you the things that you need to change and improve.

#6 – This answers the question: “Is there a past event in your career life that is affecting your current work status?”

#7 – This final card interprets the result that you must anticipate if you follow the guide promptly.


The “Three Card” Spread

The simplest of all. Three cards and that’s it. No sweat.

But do not let its simplicity deceive you, for this is one of the most powerful Tarot spread, and a personal favorite of mine. This spread is one the quickest way to get answers to any questions you may have in your life, and it can even provide you with insight and guidance if you are simply feel lost and confused.

It is by far one of the most dynamic spreads, and is incredibly effective at highlighting the energy of your past, present and future.


numbers 1 2 3


What are the essentials of this spread?

Unlike the other spreads I have listed, the 3-Card spread is very different as there is not one fixed purpose, or meaning to each card position. Instead it is completely dynamic depending on the purpose of the reading, and the question being asked. Here are a few of the many ways it can be utilized:

  1. Past/Present/Future
  2. What helps you/What hinders you/What are your realized and unrealized potentials?
  3. Current situation/Challenges/Guidance
  4. What you think/What you Feel/What You Do
  5. You/Your Partner/Your relationship
  6. Strengths/Weaknesses/Advice
  7. Mind/Body/Spirit