Can Dreams Be Controlled?

Can Dreams Be Controlled

It is baffling to think that anyone can control what they dream about. But it is not entirely fictional.

Controlling dreams and the dreaming process is possibly among the most debated subjects under dreams. Can one really control the sequence and contents of their dreams? It is an interesting consideration. However, as shall be illuminated on in this article, it is an enticing possibility.

This article employs the use of a tripartite approach of making possible the art of controlling dreams.



For anyone to possibly and deliberately dream about something, it is essential that you record it. The recording must be in a journal or notebook of one’s choice and not with unnecessary cover graphics. The idea is to let the mind wander and conceive ideas. Naturally, what the mind breeds can be re-bred.

In addition, the choice of the anticipated dream matters. Whereas simplicity is recommended, sheer thrill may still be found in a little blend of scenes, events and emotions. It should, however, be made adequately clear that the anticipated dream should be one that you can easily identify with as a character.

Further, begin to visualize your anticipated dream. The process of visualization is necessary in conceding corresponding drawings or graphics. Put them in visual so as to create some vivid impressions on your mind. Your bedroom wall and ceiling will do well if they contain pictures of drawings that may trigger an anticipated dream.

Moreover, anticipate emotions. For example, emotions of fright are fit for depiction of fearful events and joy for desirable events or occurrences. No matter the emotions, make attempts of ‘feeling’ them.

The idea is to set about maintaining a blank poise. This means avoiding the television, radio, or involving chatter that can create alternative possibilities for dreaming. The idea of recording must be maintained even if you keep not dreaming what had been anticipated.



Secondly, read through your dream over and over just before bedtime. Repetition has a nasty way of getting stuck in a person’s mind and it may work magic with dreaming. In addition, it is important to purpose to have enough sleep. No alarms. You do not want a situation where you are jolted to reality when you are just in the midst of your most anticipated dream.

It is also important to realize that you need to dedicate some effort in thinking about your anticipated dream. This may involve the effort to presume you can hear and see what you want to.



These are what can be termed as reality checks. Develop a habit of asking yourself whether you are dreaming or not- even when you are awake. These are the endless queries about whether you are awake or not. It speculated that people with the problem of bedwetting will most often keep pinching themselves as an assurance that they are awake. Of course it always ends up being a dream within a dream— where a person imagines they have awoken when they have only done so in dream.

The act of continuous reality check serves the purpose of controlling what you are dreaming about. By being undecided about whether you are awake or asleep, one can consciously— in the control about what they are dreaming about. The habit should be carried out even when one is consciously awake in the hope that you will keep doing it in sleep. The habit sticks with sustained and consistent effort.



It is worth noting that the habit of possibly controlling a dream never sticks with ease or immediately. It should be done repetitively, consistently and patiently. It’s got to be done over and over again. This, however, should be carried out with extreme caution cause when done excessively; one may momentarily lose identity in imaging they are dreaming in real situations. That said, the effort to control dreams should be guided and anchored on hope. Stay hopeful that you will soon begin dreaming about what you want, for how long, the preferable location and anticipated emotions. It should not be hurried. It will come about.

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