How to Better Understand Your Tarot Readings

Understand your tarot readings

When it comes to tarot and reading, people often think that their tarot readings are what they must do. On the contrary, tarot cannot change future events. The idea with tarot and tarot readings is that if offers people an insight into the future. Once individuals anticipate something, they are better prepared to handle the change or the event that is coming.

Ways of Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are great way for individuals to get a glimpse into their future and present life, and find solutions and resolutions for the obstacles they face, or might face in the future. There are several ways for tarot readings, and they all vary depending on the spread. The basic reading is a three card spread. In this particular tarot reading, individuals choose three cards, each representing a different stage of their lives (past, present and future).

The popularity of tarot readings is very real. A simple search on the internet provides individuals with dozens of free online tarot readings. Readings can be daily, monthly, weekly or yearly. There are two ways of tarot readings, an open one, and questions and answers one. The common is the questions and answers one, while the open reading is used for a complex problem. The process goes like this.

Step One: Clear your mind.

It is impossible to receive a tarot reading if the person’s mind is not cleared from everything. It is very essential that individuals close their eyes, breath in and out slowly, and visualize themselves in a place surrounded by light. Therefore, relaxing before tarot reading is a must.

Step Two: The question.

Once prepared, individuals should ask the question. The trick here is to ask a question where yes is a positive outcome. Other rules that apply here is to ask a question that is specific, but with not much details. Leave some flexibility and space for open interpretation. The focus of the question is on the client, and nobody else.

Step Three: Select the reading.

There are several different spreads and readings that can be used. The common one is three card spread, while for complex questions, the Celtic Cross spread is the popular choice. There are lots of specific spreads as well, like love, dream, birthday, relationship and others.

Step Four: Shuffling

Some tarot practitioners allow clients to shuffle the deck before their tarot readings. If this is possible, go for it.

Step Five: Choose wisely.

The last part is to choose the cards for the tarot readings. When the cards are drawn, the practitioner knows their meaning, and he has the power and control to interpret them for the reading.

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