In-Depth Tarot Readings

Awaken Your Universal Character Tarot Reading

The AYUC Tarot Reading reveals your Universal Character, enabling you to unlock your unique secret codes to achieve success in all areas of your life – health, wealth, career, relationships. This 6-card spread is designed to identify your gifts, strengths, and blind spots, and help you use this knowledge to lead a better life.

Total Price : $27

Life Purpose Tarot Reading

The Life Purpose Tarot Reading reveals your “Grand Path”, and is the foundational knowledge in our life’s journey. This 10-card spread includes a 2-week Calendar of Change, and the full reading is designed to reveal your true life’s purpose and to put you on the path to fulfilling your purpose.

Total Price : $27

Charging Bull Tarot Reading

The Charging Bull Tarot Reading will reveal the path to a life of financial abundance. This 11-card spread will help lift you over the hump, and lead you to a stronger, clearer path to take — even when you’re confronted with the most worrying or overwhelming events!

Total Price : $19