Tarot Card Suit of Wands

tarot card suit of wands

Suit of Wands represents the element of fire associated with the summer season and is connected to the South direction. Like wands, this is indicative of expansion, great primal energy, and determination in full-swing.

Suit of Wands Characteristics

This suit signifies Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and people under these zodiacs are often spiritual in a deeper sense of his being or existence, charismatic, creative, energetic, and passionate.

Several Tarot reading experts consider Suit of Wands as the most individualistic suit.

Wand Cards & Their Meanings

Two of Wands: You have a distinct advantage at work because of your dominant skills and unbreakable determination to move forward.

Three of Wands: It indicates creativity. It reflects your inner peace and predisposition to propel in your career and other life aspects.

Four of Wands: It depicts nice relationships. You have the right mindset for establishing and maintaining close partnerships.

Five of Wands: This depicts your preparation to common life struggles. You are able to find ways to surpass the challenge through pattern analysis and testing the waters.

Six of Wands: This indicates acknowledgment and recognition.

Seven of Wands: This card speaks of competition and it is rampant. This indicates continued success and fulfillment within you despite the stress your rivals may throw at you.

Eight of Wands: It indicates that something great is about to blossom. A swift change.

Nine of Wands: This speaks of persistence and faith. The card encourages resiliency to overcome life obstacles.

Ten of Wands: Carrying ten wands apparently speaks of your struggles in life. This card means that you have gone through a long, hard journey and reaping of your rewards is now just within your reach.

Page: It depicts a new phase in your life and so this card encourages true passion and enthusiasm.

Knight: It speaks of impulsive acts. While this can be very hard to resist when you take immediate actions to your personal issues, this card encourages you to consider long-term solutions with patience and confidence.

Queen: This card speaks of strong leadership, talent, and focus. You radiate into the world of success and overcome the face of adversity.

King: You have the power to solve problems rationally and logically. You are visionary and goal-oriented.

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