Tarot Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles, also known as Coins, symbolizes the classical Earth element. It is connected to the North direction and deals with job security, wealth, home, investments, and other things related to material possessions.

There is pretty much a huge percentage that when a Coin card appears in your spread, it can take over your reading alongside other suits. When mundane desires, material assets, and money are the subjects, you have to cope with it with a pragmatic mind. No less than that. So, to prepare you for your reading, let us take a look at the meaning of each card in this suit.


Upright: New prospect, opportunity, fresh beginning, successful venture.

Reversed: Impediments, loss of opportunity.


Upright: Ability to manage conflict of interests and priorities well, life balance.

Reversed: Confusion, panic, disorder.


Upright: Teamwork, successful projects and partnerships.

Reversed: Work not paying off, restlessness.


Upright: Financial stability, great money management.

Reversed: Self-indulgence, greed, overwhelmed by material acquisitions.


Upright: Financial insecurity, loss of valued material possessions

Reversed: New source of income.


Upright: Harmony with your money, opportunity to share wealth with other people.

Reversed: Selfishness, financial troubles.


Upright: Long-term success, perseverance.

Reversed: Quick wins and quick loss, scattered investments.


Upright: Mastering of a previous or a new skill.

Reversed: Frustration, disappointment, unrewarded efforts.


Upright: Luxury, self-confidence, leisure time.

Reversed: Loss due to unwise decisions.


Upright: Inheritance, completion of an important goal, long-term relationship.

Reversed: Financial failure, arguments, qualms.


Upright: New motivation, expansion, business venture.

Reversed: Roadblocks impeding your smooth journey towards success.


Upright: Systematic decision-making, commitment, efficiency.

Reversed: Spontaneous and boring life, lackluster work-life routine.


Upright: Strong support, practicality, security.

Reversed: Reservations, worries, insecurity, and detrimental relationship.


Upright: Discipline, abundance, ambition, stability, trustworthiness.

Reversed: Greediness, power abuse, snob, arrogance.

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