Ultimate Guide to Yes No Tarot Reading

Yes-No Tarot is a simple and effective way to get quick answers to some of your most pressing questions. Have you ever wondered whether going away for the weekend is a good idea? Yes-No Tarot can help you decide!

It gives you a Yes or No answer with a simple reason. It’s also a lot of fun, but at the same time it’s a great way to get clear answers from the Tarot Cards, without the confusing open ended conclusions that usually accompany a traditional Tarot Reading.

It may seem like a great way to get some answers from the Universe, but there are some things you should know about Yes-No Tarot before you get started. So before you jump into Yes-No Tarot I’ve compiled this Ultimate Guide so you get the Ultimate experience from your Yes-No Tarot Reading.

Can I Ask Any Question?

Technically yes, you can ask any question, as long as you phrase it to have a Yes or No answer. Tarot readings are all about getting answers to your deepest and most urgent questions and Yes-No Tarot gives you a decisive Yes or No answer, so there’s no wondering if you should go ahead and act upon your question or rather take a different course. But the key is in asking the right question to make sure you get the most out of your Yes-No Tarot Reading.

Is there Right Way to Ask?

Definitely! With Yes-No Tarot it’s better to keep your questions precise yet simple. Keep your questions to a single topic at a time, remember the response will only be a Yes or a No with a short reason. Keep in mind that you can always do another reading for a different question, so don’t try to ask everything at once.

Sometimes your answer can be confusing even though it’s a Yes-No Tarot reading. To avoid confusion make sure you phrase your questions in a way that isn’t ambiguous. For instance don’t ask “Am I on the right track?” That’s a very broad question and your answer might relate to a specific area that either needs some work or is going well, while another area is the complete opposite.

Are Some Questions Better than Others?

Yes! For instance, in the example above “Am I on the right track?” could refer to your career, your current job, your love life, your Spiritual journey… The list is almost endless. This is what I mean by make sure your questions are specific.

Rather ask, “Is my career moving in the right direction even though I hate my boss?” That will give you a definitive result. If the answer is “Yes, everything is as it should be” you can relax a bit and learn as much as you can from this job.

But then the answer could also be “No, but be patient…” which indicates that you will need to move on but something else needs to fall into place first. If the answer is “No, it’s not your doing, someone else is holding you back.” you know it’s time to move on.

But imagine you asked “Am I on the right track?” and got the answer “No, it’s not your doing, someone else is holding you back.” and you decide that it’s your romantic partner that’s holding you back instead of your boss… That wouldn’t end well would it!

What Can The Cards Tell Me…?

The cards can tell you anything, as long as you ask the right question. If you’re struggling to make up your mind they can give you some much needed insight to the situation. If you’re contemplating a life altering decision do keep in mind that the cards are only a guide. They are a tool for divining the most possible outcome, but a lot of factors come into play during the course of time.

So, if your question is “Should I invest all my savings in one short term stock?”, that’s a pretty huge decision! Let’s say the answer is “Yes, there couldn’t be a better time for it.” but then you end up waiting for your next paycheck before investing… And by that time the stock market has changed and you’ll end up losing half your savings instead of doubling them… And short term stock investments are always a gamble. Sometimes it’s better to think twice even if the cards say yes.

That being said, here’s a list of questions and whether Yes-No Tarot can answer them for you, and how well…

  • … If They’ll Come Back

    Why did they leave in the first place? While “Will they come back?” is a very good Yes-No Question you might want to rethink even asking this one. There must be a reason they left, and unless one of you has made some profound and lasting changes, they will probably just end up leaving again… So yes, the Yes-No Tarot can answer this question if you really want to ask it.

  • … If They Are The One

    This is a very good question to ask when you’re doing a Yes-No Tarot Reading, but make sure you don’t make the question too broad. A lot of the time the Tarot Reading will give you a Yes answer, then you think this is it, you’re going to marry this person and live happily ever after so you don’t have to worry and then a year down the line you break up and you think Tarot Readings are a bunch of hogwash… Relationships take work and sometimes they are there to teach us something important. So they might be perfect for you for now, but you’re destined to end up marrying someone else.

  • … If I’ll Meet Someone Soon

    Asking this question in a Yes-No Tarot Reading can be very fun! Especially if you get a “Yes” and then draw a Court Card to see who this stranger might be. Keep an open mind when asking the Tarot whether you’ll meet someone, or be specific about your intentions around the someone you want to be meeting. Will it be a karmic love relationship or a fun filled fling…? So phrase your question in a specific way, because a “Yes” to “Will I meet someone new?” could mean “Yes, you’ve never met the shop assistant that’s going to show you where they keep the detergent you’ll be looking for the next time you go shopping…” So make the question specific to what you’re looking for, for example “Will I meet someone who will take care of me emotionally at a social gathering with friends next month?” If the answer is “No” maybe change the location or the intention, or both.

  • … If I’ll Ever Be Happy

    This isn’t a very wise question to ask in a Yes-No Tarot reading. Happiness is an inside job and depends on your actions and integrity more than external factors. It won’t help asking the Cards whether you’ll be happy if you don’t work on gaining the wisdom to be happy in any circumstance. If you want happiness rather start working on acting in ways that will make you happy rather than expecting some fleeting moment of joy that won’t last or make a big difference in the bigger scheme of things. Happiness has nothing to do with luck or events, it has to do with how you handle the situations life throws at you. Rather ask something like, “Am I going to find the wisdom of lasting happiness by…”

  • … If My Health Will Improve

    Illness manifests when an emotional problem isn’t solved. It’s your Soul’s way of telling you that it is uncomfortable. That’s why they call it dis-ease. A better question to ask the Yes-No Tarot would be something like, “Would making up with my mother that I haven’t spoken to in three years improve my emotional and physical health regarding the backache I’m struggling with at the moment?” It might seem like a long-winded question, but this way you’ll know what the cards are referring to when you get your answer. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas of what to improve think about where your dis-ease is manifesting and how it’s making you feel. Now what else in your emotional world makes you feel a similar way. This is a great skill to learn to improve your general health, so have fun with it.

  • … Whether My Finances Will Improve

    Do you really think Tarot Cards are magically going to manifest more money in your bank account? Unfortunately Tarot Readings can only show you what changes you can make to improve your financial status, but this will require some work from your side too. It can’t magically manifest more money in your bank account, but it’s more than capable of helping you figure out how you can! So, rather rethink this question entirely and come up with things that are standing in your way to manifesting more cash. Then formulate a couple of solutions that might swing the situation around and ask the Yes-No Tarot whether they are good ideas. For example “If I save on groceries and utilities will I be able to afford a better car in the next year?” Be realistic when you’re asking questions about your financial well-being and know that whatever you end up doing you’ll have to put in something to get something out.

  • … If My Luck is About to Change

    Your luck changes with your mindset. That’s the law of attraction. So be careful when you ask this in a Yes-No Tarot Reading, because you could get a “No” which will make you even less likely to change your circumstances. That being said, it’s also a good idea to be specific. What area do you want your luck to change in? What would you like the results to be? Then formulate a question that is specific to yourself. For example you could ask “Will my luck in my career change if I change my wardrobe?” This might seem like a silly question at first, but if you work with people a lot you may give a better impression if you dress formally as opposed to dressing more casual. It might also give you the confidence boost you need to make that next big sale.

  • … If I should Take a Chance

    Yes, you can ask the Yes-No Tarot this question, but remember it’s also a way of taking a chance already. Following the advice from the reading blindly is a big gamble, especially if it’s regarding something serious such as your finances or health. Think about your results and remember that it’s just advice it isn’t set in stone. It’s the Universe’s way of letting you know what your subconscious is telling you. It’s a way of tapping into your deeper psyche and figuring out what it is that you really want. So, if the answer is “Yes” proceed with awareness and caution, don’t just jump into something you know nothing about just because the Tarot said “Yes, the Universe is behind you 100%”.

  • … Any Yes-No Question…

    You can, technically speaking, ask any Yes-No question in a Yes-No Tarot Reading, but the quality of your reading will greatly depend on the quality of your question. As I said before, be specific in the way you phrase your question. You can also ask more than once, so you could come up with more questions as you go along with the reading. The aim of a Yes-No Tarot Reading is to get a definitive answer quickly, so it’s not a long-winded, open ended explanation that keeps you wondering “well what does THAT mean?” With Yes-No Tarot you will already have an intuitive idea about what the answer will be, this type of Tarot Reading is just there to help you make up your mind by tapping into what you and the Universe wants for you. The key is to ask the right questions.

How To Ask The Perfect Yes-No Question:

Here is where you learn how to formulate the best questions for a Yes-No Tarot Reading. It takes some practice, but the better you are at it the more Yes-No Tarot will come to your aid when you’re struggling to make up your mind.

The first step is to figure out what you want to ask about. What is your most pressing concern at the moment? Is it about love, money, health, abundance, life..? Have you got your concern in mind? Now you need to make it a question that can be answered with a Yes or a No.

So, What’s The Best Formula For Success…?

If you’re struggling to formulate a Yes-No Question try the following recipe. Let’s say I’m single and I want to avoid falling for the wrong type of person. I would obviously want to know if that’s possible to start off with, so “Can I avoid falling for the wrong type of person?” is a good place to start off with when I’m building my question, because I either can, or I can’t.

Now it’s time to start getting more specific with the question. So I’m going to add a time frame to my question. Let’s say, “Can I avoid falling for the wrong type of person the next time I’m out?” This gives you more to work with when you get an answer. So if my answer is “No”, I’ll avoid potential relationship candidates as much as possible, because I know they won’t be right for me.

Where, Why and How

This is where you add a bit more detail to your question, so imagine I had friends that don’t share the same relationship goals as I do and when we go out together they always try and hook me up with the wrong type of person. So now I can add that; “If I go out with my friends next time, but I go for the guy I like instead of the one they suggest will I still end up with someone who isn’t right for me?”

See how the question evolved from a very broad one to a specific one in just a couple of simple steps? In this last step it’s good to get as technical as you can regarding your concerns. Yes, my friends won’t like the fact that I don’t trust their judgement when it comes to my relationship choices, but I’ll get a clear answer about whether I’m just not ready to find someone or whether they’re steering me in the wrong direction.

How Accurate is Yes-No Tarot?

If you ask the questions in the right way Yes-No Tarot can be extremely accurate. Unlike traditional Tarot, Yes-No Tarot gives you a very definitive Yes or No answer, so you won’t have to decipher what the cards mean and be left wondering…

Make sure to ask equally direct questions though, because if you ask an open ended question your results will be less definitive. Like I’ve said before asking something like, “Will my partner forgive me?” is too broad. It can give you a “Yes, but be patient.” response from the Tarot, but then your partner doesn’t forgive you for breaking their favorite mug, but they do forgive you for burning dinner… Rather ask “Will my partner forgive me for breaking their favorite mug when I was angry at them?” This will give you a much clearer answer.

Does Yes-No Tarot Work?

Yes, it works. It works really well once you get the hang of it and it is one of the easiest ways to get answers from the Tarot. In the beginning you might struggle to formulate the right questions, but once you get into the groove there is basically nothing that can stop you from asking just about anything. And most importantly, getting the answers you are seeking.

Yes-No Tarot Tales:

If you’re dubious about how accurate a Yes-No Tarot reading will be for you why not do a little test at home. A commenter on a renowned Tarot site suggested this and I think it’s a pretty good idea. So, take a deck of cards (they can be normal playing cards, if they are pick a color to represent yes and the other represents no) shuffle them while concentrating on a question you know the answer to. For example “Do I like ice-cream..?” then pick a card, if it comes out showing the right answer, you know you can trust Yes-No Tarot.

This might work better for people who already do Tarot Readings for themselves. Other people have reported great accuracy when using Yes-No Tarot such as one lady who was contemplating going on a holiday. She drew the Seven of Pentacles, which says “Yes, but wait a while”. She then realized that she’d started a new business project a couple of months earlier and putting it on hold would ruin her chances of making it a major success. So she put off her trip until her project was going strong and probably saved herself a lot of trouble by doing so!

So Yes-No Tarot can work to help you figure out some simple yet effective answers when you just can’t figure out the solution for yourself.

How Do I Do A Yes-No Tarot Reading?

If you want to do this type of Tarot Reading for yourself follow the guide below. It gives you step by step instructions on how to do the reading and interpret the results. It even includes a list of what each of the cards in a Yes-No Tarot Reading means!


As with any Tarot Reading a Yes-No Tarot Reading requires you to set the intention, shuffle the cards, ask the question (or the querent needs to ask their question) and then draw the appropriate number of cards depending on the spread you have chosen.

Before you start shuffling take out the Court Cards (Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages) and place them next to the main deck. You’ll use them once the main reading is done.

Once you’ve done your main reading draw a Court Card to see who is involved in your reading. It might be someone you’ll meet, someone who’ll help you, someone who’s undermining you or holding you back… That will depend on your question, circumstances and the answer the Yes-No Tarot Reading gave you.


You can use traditional Tarot Cards or normal playing cards. In the case of normal playing cards your selection of answers will be slightly limited as there are less cards, but you’ll still be able to get the answer to the question you’re wondering about.

The Draw


This is the simplest of the Yes-No Tarot Spreads and requires that you draw a single card. It will give you a simple “yes”, “no” or “maybe” answer. This is a great spread to answer a simple question quickly. Once you’ve interpreted the results you can draw a second card from the pile of Court Cards to see who else is involved.


This Spread works the same as the One Card Draw, but instead of drawing only one card you draw three cards. Keep the same question in mind as you draw all three cards. Place them next to each other and see how many of them show Yes and how many show No. Whichever is two is your answer. So if you got two Yes cards and one No card your answer is Yes. This Spread does give you more insight into what might be standing in your way or what to look out for or even what to do to get the result. It gives you more insight than a single card reading, but it’s still a pretty definite Yes-No result. This Spread works the same as the One Card Draw, but instead of drawing only one card you draw three cards. Keep the same question in mind as you draw all three cards. Place them next to each other and see how many of them show Yes and how many show No. Whichever is two is your answer. So if you got two Yes cards and one No card your answer is Yes. This Spread does give you more insight into what might be standing in your way or what to look out for or even what to do to get the result. It gives you more insight than a single card reading, but it’s still a pretty definite Yes-No result.


This is one of the most complicated spreads I’ve come across, but if you want to try it go ahead. Before you start shuffling pull out the Wheel of Fortune card and place it in front of you facing down. Shuffle the remaining cards and draw 7 additional cards, placing them, face down, on top of the Wheel of Fortune.

Put down the deck and take the 8 cards in front of you. Shuffle them until you feel ready to do the reading.
Mark 4 areas in front of you. Assign each one of the following:

Yes No Soon Delayed

Place two cards in each area.

Turn over the cards. The area that the Wheel of Fortune is in is the answer to your question. The card next to the Wheel of Fortune tells you more about the reason for the answer, while the other six cards tell you more about the situation in general.


Now it’s time to figure out if you got a “Yes” or “No” from your Reading.


That will depend on which card you pick. Each card has a different answer and there is a detailed list below. If a card is in upright position follow the guide below to find the meaning. If the card is in reverse the answer is automatically No. If you want to know why look up the card below and find the meaning, then “reverse” the meaning if it’s a positive meaning.

For example:

The Fool in upright position means the Universe is behind you 100%.

The Fool reversed means the Universe doesn’t support you at all.

But if the card you drew is already a no, it stays a no.

For example:

High Priestess means it isn’t the right time whether she’s upright or in reverse

What Do The Cards Mean?

Major Arcana

  • The Fool – Yes: The Universe is behind you 100%.
  • Magician – Yes: Use logic and strategy to beat the odds.
  • High Priestess – No: Now isn’t the right time.
  • Emperor – Yes: But be warned, you’ll need to play by the rules.
  • Empress – Yes: There couldn’t be a better time for it.
  • Hierophant – Yes/No: If you have someone helping or advising you it’s a yes, otherwise no.
  • Lovers – Yes/Maybe: Anything love related is a YES, anything else is life altering so think carefully.
  • Chariot – No: You can’t control the situation, rather practice some patience.
  • Strength – Yes: But are you strong enough to deal with what’ll happen?
  • Hermit – No: Don’t make the same mistake again, rather think twice.
  • Wheel of Fortune – Yes: There are no strings attached, it’s a resounding yes.
  • Justice – No: You have some unfinished business to take care of first.
  • Hanged Man – No: Things need to change first, hang in there.
  • Death – Yes: It’s not going to be easy, but it will happen.
  • Temperance – Yes: Make sure all your ducks are in a row though.
  • Devil – No: You might want a yes, but something is still holding you back…
  • Tower – Yes/No: The decision isn’t up to you, your fate has already been decided.
  • Star – Yes: Your wish has been granted, look for the signs.
  • Moon – No: You’re still in the dark, wait until you know more.
  • Sun – Yes: New things are the order of the day.
  • Judgement – Yes: It’s time to do what must be done, your judgement is sound.
  • World – Yes: Just be a little bit patient and everything will fall into place.

Minor Arcana

  • Ace of Wands – Yes: It’s full speed ahead on all fronts.
  • Two of Wands – No: It isn’t time, rather don’t.
  • Three of Wands – It’s up to you, you already know the answer.
  • Four of Wands – Yes: But only if everything else that needs doing is done.
  • Five of Wands – No: It’s not your doing, someone else is holding you back.
  • Six of Wands – Yes: Success is yours!
  • Seven of Wands – Yes: Don’t go down without a fight.
  • Eight of Wands – Yes: You will make it happen.
  • Nine of Wands – No: Wait until you’ve got everything you need to make it happen.
  • Ten of Wands – No: You have too much going on already.
  • Ace of Cups – Yes: Expect a special visitor.
  • Two of Cups – Yes: Anything related to love or friendship is a very definite yes.
  • Three of Cups – Yes: It’s going to be fun.
  • Four of Cups – Yes: It’s a valuable opportunity so don’t take it for granted.
  • Five of Cups – No: You’re still stuck on the past, you need to heal first.
  • Six of Cups – Yes: Accept the gift from the Universe.
  • Seven of Cups – No: You won’t know what to choose, wait until you’re sure.
  • Eight of Cups – Yes: Change might be uncomfortable but it’s very necessary.
  • Nine of Cups – Yes: It’s your well deserved reward. Well done.
  • Ten of Cups – Yes: It’s the culmination of what you’ve been working for.
  • Ace of Swords – Yes/No: Follow your gut on this one.
  • Two of Swords – No: If you proceed you’ll be blindsided.
  • Three of Swords – No: Communication isn’t favorable.
  • Four of Swords – No: You need time to rest and recuperate.
  • Five of Swords – Yes/No/Maybe: Be careful of manipulation, rather leave the situation alone.
  • Six of Swords – Yes: Patience is a virtue though, remember that while you wait.
  • Seven of Swords – Yes: Claim back what’s been taken from you.
  • Eight of Swords – No: There’s some unfinished business that you need to take care of first.
  • Nine of Swords – Yes: But first you need to solve your current problem.
  • Ten of Swords – No: Just be patient a little longer.
  • Ace of Pentacles – Yes: Things will work out in your favor.
  • Two of Pentacles – No: You’re running short on finances.
  • Three of Pentacles – Yes: But teamwork will make it happen.
  • Four of Pentacles – No: Rather hold on to what you’ve got a while longer.
  • Five of Pentacles – No: If you do it you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Six of Pentacles – Yes: Don’t be scared to ask for help though.
  • Seven of Pentacles – Yes: But practice just a little more patience until the time is right.
  • Eight of Pentacles – Yes: It’s the little things that count.
  • Nine of Pentacles – Yes: You’re in sync with the Universe.
  • Ten of Pentacles – Yes/No: Take time to relish in what you’ve already got.

Court Cards

These represent people that are involved in the question. Who they are and whether they play a positive or negative role will depend on your reading and the people in your life. Here is a list of the most characteristic trait of each of the Court Cards:

  • King of Wands – Represents you or someone who will help you get what you want at this time. The main focus here is on following your passion and become more mature in the process.
  • Queen of Wands – A busy and joyful woman. She is a symbol of strength and fertility. On the negative side she could be trying to manipulate you on a mental level.
  • Knight of Wands – A scattered person with a lot of energy, but also the ability to get things done. They will help you achieve your goals or give you the drive that’s currently lacking.
  • Page of Wands – Think of someone who’s always enthusiastic, they have a message for you… It’s time for you to take on these qualities to find the joy and wonder in new things in the world again.
  • King of Cups – Someone who is socially intelligent will help you tap into your intuitive skills to navigate the situation. He is emotionally mature and devoted to helping you.
  • Queen of Cups – She is beautiful, but reserved. She is very in tune with her emotions and will offer you nurturing, compassion and an intuitive wisdom, she is there to help you.
  • Knight of Cups – He’s your knight in shining armour. He knows just what to do to make you feel better and loves bringing you gifts. He’s on his way to you right now.
  • Page of Cups – He’s an admirer, but he’s overly sensitive at times. This sensitivity may be just what you need, or it’s what you’re trying to avoid. CHoose carefully.
  • King of Swords – This is an intelligent and analytical man, but he’s using his mental acuity against you. Watch out for being manipulated by his dashing good looks and superb manners.
  • Queen of Swords – She is a trouble maker that thrives on drama. Her main goal is to interfere where ever she can and create havoc and destruction for her own entertainment.
  • Knight of Swords – He is there to ruin things for you. He brings death and destruction with him, both physically and emotionally. He looks dapper and mysterious, but he’s pure evil.
  • Page of Swords – This is someone who loves to gossip. They are constantly talking about other people and watching them. But they have bad intentions and want to spread rumors.
  • King of Pentacles – THis represents someone who is financially stable and doing well for themselves. They will help you achieve the same success if you’re willing to listen to their advice.
  • Queen of Pentacles – A dark haired woman who dresses flamboyantly, yet is resourceful and strong. She is the nurturing mother that takes care of material things.
  • Knight of Pentacles – This person will teach you the importance of doing things right the first time around. They are slow moving and methodical, but very successful.
  • Page of Pentacles – Beware of this person. They might have very good ideas, but they lack the skills to turn their dreams into reality and they may take you down with them.

Working With Playing Cards

When you’re using playing cards you can do it one of two ways:

  • You can either pick a suit to match the traditional Tarot Card Suits:

    In this case you will only be working with the minor arcana, but you’ll still get insight into why the answer is Yes or No. You will also be able to pick a Court Card to know who is involved in your Yes-No Tarot outcome and what role they’ll play.

  • OR
  • You can pick which color represents Yes and which represents No:

    This will simplify your reading and you will only get a “yes” or “no” answer. Court cards become irrelevant in this case. Once you’ve picked one of the options above use the same technique to do the reading as you would have done with Traditional Tarot Cards.


Yes-No Tarot is a very easy and precise way to get a clear answer from the Universe. You’ll know exactly where you stand, without any of the open ended answers that keep you wondering whether it really is a Yes or a No. With Yes-No Tarot you get a definite Yes or No answer to your question.

The only thing you would need to do is practice your skills at asking the right type of questions, but with this comprehensive guide you’ll be on your way to asking exactly the right questions in no time. So go ahead and have fun with this simple yet effective way of using the Tarot to answer some of your most burning questions.