Your Zodiac Archetype in Tarot Revealed

Your Zodiac Archetype in Tarot Revealed

The 22 trump (Major Arcana) cards of the tarot deck are closely linked with astrology, and each of them is assigned to a star sign or a major planet. Each of these cards represents a powerful unavoidable universal archetype, and depending where they land in a reading, they can be interpreted in a range of ways.

When presented as they are here, the card assigned to your sign in the Zodiac describes the archetypal energy that you will encounter and display as a native of your birth sun sign. If you don’t relate to the card, then perhaps it holds a key lesson for you. Knowing which card represents you helps you unlock the mystical magic of the tarot to access profound insight into yourself and events in your life.

Aries – The Emperor

The EmperorThe emperor is all about decisive action with impact and power. The Emperor has authority, he upholds structures and he is the ultimate father figure who is always there when you need him. He is a loyal friend and can be counted on a crisis where his cool head and clear mind will prevail.

The downside to the emperor is a tendency to be rigid, inflexible and to dominate others with excessive control.

Anyone who crosses him has a fight on their hands. When challenged he is fearsome and appears unafraid, and he relies on his authority and his fine analytic mind to get through.

Taurus – The Hierophant

The HierophantAlso called the high priest, the Hierophant represents ancient learning and wise teachers who are devoted to helping all people see the truths embedded in all our most ancient traditions but deeply relevant to modern life.

These thoughtful souls cut through the surface and reach deep within the human experience to act on ancient and proven traditions. You may not see yourself as a mystical being but you are the sign in the zodiac that others look to as a moral and spiritual compass.

The Hierophant has no time for superficial pursuits and others may find you tedious when you instinctively insist on tradition and expect others to conform. As a representative of group identity and shared social values you can come into conflict with the status quo.

Gemini – The Lovers

The LoversThe lovers card is about balance through unity of opposites. Often misinterpreted as being about romance, this card is about a divine eternal union of the male and female, light and dark, active and passive aspects which when combined and used together, bring out the best in you and all those around you.

The lovers card sheds light on relationships, values and choices and is as much about how you align yourself and how you see yourself, as it is about external forces.

Each card has a downside and when undignified The Lovers card can predict a break up or conflict in relationships. The Lovers card always reminds us that balance is needed and this where you can achieve it by reviewing and aligning your values.

Cancer – The Chariot

The ChariotThe Chariot is all about mastering aspects of yourself that pull you in confusing directions. When you feel torn, as you often do, The Chariot is your guide, reminding you to stand tall and rise above conflict by accepting that it plays a role in your life and cannot simply be avoided.

The typical Cancerian when faced with a confusing choice, will choose to avoid the issue and retreat which often makes the problem worse. Obedience is what you struggle with as your soul wants security and success, love and happiness, but you can’t have those without pain.

The charioteer is you at your best, when you use your intuition to indulge your love of discovery and adventure and face your fears, taking risks when you want to run and hide. Accepting that life is hard and will hurt you, and forging ahead even so, is your big challenge and one that you are equipped to master.

Leo – Strength

StrengthAll Leos know that strength can be over-rated and the Strength card is a reminder that strength comes in many forms, and not always the obvious ones.

When faced with a challenge you may instinctively respond with force, and then you face consequences that are not at all desirable and sometimes disastrous. This card is about showing courage, and dignity under pressure by exercising patience and self control.

The downside of the strength card is weakness, self indulgence, self doubt and an inability to achieve your dreams through a lack of self discipline.

Look to this card and the gentle woman who is able to overcome the lion and use its message as inspiration as you find the courage to walk into your fire instead trying to put it out.

Virgo – The Hermit

The HermitPoor Virgo, always being stereotyped as a lonely and fastidious soul. The Virgo archetype is based on a strong and self-sufficient soul, as is the Hermit card which gives you permission to spend time alone and use your me-time as you see fit.

You have much to offer and your skills are in high demand but if you worry too much what others think, you may find yourself bitter, frustrated and you run the risk of becoming a difficult and irritated soul.

If you do not make a conscious effort to share what you know, and what you learn about yourself in times of solitude, the best parts of you can result in isolation and withdrawal in ways that hurt and hinder you.

There is nothing wrong with solitude and introspection, but you may need to learn the difference between being alone and being lonely to find the balance you yearn for in life.

Libra – Justice

JusticeAs a Libran you won’t be surprised to learn that this card represents you. You know all about your role in balancing right and wrong and public good versus private needs, but that doesn’t mean your life is easy.

Making sense of the complexities and establishing cause and effect is what you excel at. You are a champion of fairness and you love everyone around you to agree and get on but you are not always the best judge of yourself.

You can view yourself very harshly and when you fail you tend to avoid accountability. Excuses are your habit and at worst you can be dishonest or unfair. Your sensitive soul is aware of this but when it comes to you, your insight is not always so clear. Be more lenient on yourself, and treat yourself as fairly as everyone else.

Scorpio – Death

DeathScorpio does not shy from the darkness in the world, your great asset is your ability to go where all others fear, and this makes an agent for change and brave messenger for news the world isn’t always ready to hear.

The Death card is rarely about physical death but rather reminds us that creation does happen without destruction as well. The death card brings relief in the form of change and heralds the end of a situation with the promise of a new or the end of pain.

When death appears upright in a reading you can expect , change, transformation and a transition from worse to better, so it is actually a positive card. When reversed death questions your resistance to change and inability to move on.

Sagittarius – Temperance

TemperanceTemperance is also called Balance and it connects very clearly to the Sagittarian need to challenge injustice and seek change when things are obviously wrong.

In your passion for life and energetic commitment to the causes you hold dear, you sometimes forget to apply balance to yourself. Temperance reminds you to moderate your actions, and stay true to your purpose with awareness of your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

Your natural energy can be wasted if you do not have a clear plan and when undirected your lovely exuberance can lead to excess. Temperance reminds you to stay true to your long term vision and curb waste and excess as you fight for what you believe and want for your life.

Capricorn – The Devil

The DevilThose who think Capricorns are cold, calculating and commercial might be surprised that this is your card. What others might not see is that much of your ambition and careful planning is based on fear and your need to be secure.

The devil warns against addiction of all kinds and specifically your reliance or devotion to material gain and possessions as a comfort blanket and signifier of success.

The Devil card reminds you that even what you think is good and right is another form of enslavement. Free yourself from bondage and your need for success, by caring less about things and more about yourself.

The devil when placed positively refers to where you need to be free and shows how you can reclaim your personal power when you feel trapped.

Aquarius – The Star

The StarThe Star is a lovely hopeful card evoking compassion, mindfulness and positivity. Aquarians have a natural gift to inject energy into hopeless situations and embrace the opportunities in the worst circumstances.

If you don’t nurture and consciously use the fine qualities you have, you may end up sad, discouraged and confused. The Star asks you look up and around you to find the glimmer of light that always is there, and move towards it with hope.

The Star encourages a life lived with compassion and caring, and awareness of the good that is in everyone. You may sometimes have trouble tending to the light in yourself, and the Star is here to remind you that if you don’t keep it burning brightly you may get lost in feelings of hopelessness and despair. You are allowed to be down, but don’t ever let your light be snuffed out

Pisces – The Moon

The MoonLike your sun sign, the moon is watery subtle world where things are not always clear. The Moon rules emotions, natural cycles and the tides, and your great challenge in life is to become comfortable with knowing that clarity is not everything (although it may be your greatest desire.)

If you can master the art of being calm in states of flux and constant change you will gain great insight into yourself and the world. You can use this knowledge to great effect and achieve great success.

If you master your realm and do not fear the passing illusions and moments of uncertainty and doubt, you will find that you are endowed the gift of healing and can be of great comfort to others.

Do not doubt yourself, instead appoint yourself as the manager of all doubt and find ways to help others find release from their pain.

You can use your astrological archetype to great advantage in tarot card readings even if the card does appear, as it is always a factor that affects all other cards and their effect on you. If you want to find out what what lies ahead in 2016, order a three-card now and use your archetype and its principles to interpret the reading and guide you through the coming year.

The Major Arcana cards are strong mythic archetypes that reveal unavoidable and natural events according to the ancient laws of the Universe, so there is not much you can do to avoid them, but how you respond is key. Knowing which cards represent you is just the start.

The Minor Arcana (suit) cards reveal events that occur because of human nature, and they can be avoided but often just need to be managed. They highlight the more practical and material aspects of life and their influence is a passing one.They are helpful in giving detail for specific questions while The Crown cards, like pages, kings and queens can represent real people, but if many appear then they refer to aspects of yourself.

An in depth professional three-card reading is the ideal way to ask the tarot: “What should I be aware of in the coming year” It is useful to interpret the results with an open mind, with your archetype in mind, you will be surprised at the insight you get from a reading drawn from the whole deck of 78 cards.