The Pisces zodiac sign includes those born between Feb. 19 and March 20. Pisces astrology, like other signs, is distinct, but it is especially notable because it represents the end of the astrological wheel and some believe that it signifies the completion of the reincarnation cycle. Ruled by Neptune and symbolized by the fish, Pisces can represent the very best of humanity and the ability to keep swimming upstream, regardless of surrounding circumstances. Learning Pisces facts can teach you about your strengths and weaknesses or how to better relate or appeal to a Pisces you know. For a more comprehensive look into your individual personality, consider having a professional natal chart done and complementing it with a tarot reading.

Dreamy Pisces, ruled by the water element, knows how to go with the flow of life. Known for adaptability and flexibility, those with the Pisces zodiac sign are open to experiencing all that life has to offer. When you meet a Pisces, their compassion, creativity, idealism, and gentleness often strike you first. Since they are often romantics at heart and artists by nature, their interior worlds are often occupied by flights of fancy. When the traits of a Pisces are applied to the greater good, Pisces has the potential to be the most altruistic zodiac sign. Pisces, for example, is often associated with high degrees of spirituality, and their natural inclination to care for others can translate into great works for the benefit of humanity.

Despite this sign’s great potential, negative traits can be associated with every astrological sign. Pisces is no different, but interestingly, most of these negative traits can be directly traced back to the extreme expression of positive ones. For instance, in Pisces astrology, the ability to feel real, deep emotions can quickly turn into moodiness and depression if a person’s interior worlds are not correctly managed. Their wonderful adaptability can result in an inability to say no and a willingness that makes them prone to being taken advantage of, should they have trouble creating boundaries with people with whom they interact. Dreaminess and sensitivity can leave them open to impressionability, a lack of self-discipline, and a hypersensitivity to criticism, which can lead to self-destructive behavior, pessimistic outlooks, and unreliability.

While those born under the Pisces zodiac sign are heralded for their keen intuition, a curious trait about Pisces people is that they can be overcome with a cloudy indecisiveness when considering the various choices that can present in their personal and professional lives. If you were born between mid-February and mid-March and can claim this zodiac sign as your own, let Tarot Prophet offer you insight into any issues that you may be facing with an illuminating tarot card reading. The clarity offered by one of these readings can be much more detailed than a general Pisces horoscope found in newspapers or magazines, as these readings work with your personal energy to help you find the answers you seek. Order an in-depth tarot reading online today to start your journey toward peace and enlightenment.

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