Symbolized by the scorpion, the Scorpio zodiac sign is one that has many strong characteristics. Scorpio is a sign that is very intense and complicated, and educating yourself about these personality traits can prove beneficial for those who love or call a Scorpio a friend. If your birthday falls between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your zodiac sign can bring self-awareness that may prove useful in resolving complicated or difficult situations. At Tarot Prophet, we can help educate you about the various traits associated with this zodiac sign.

Scorpio is the eighth of the 12 zodiac signs. Scorpio facts such as the sign’s element, ruling planet, and other qualities reveal useful characteristics and personality traits that are associated with people born under this sign. Scorpio is a water sign and also a fixed sign. It is ruled by not one but two planets: Pluto and Mars. Personality traits are generally intense for people who are born into this zodiac sign. Scorpio tends to have emotions that run deep and intense. Although they are often extremely emotional, they rarely show it or even speak of it. The combination of ruling planets makes them in tune with their surroundings and very focused. They are extremely passionate and resourceful individuals; however, they can also be stubborn. This stubbornness can be seen as both a strength and weakness in Scorpios. Behaviors that are caustic, distrusting, and jealous are negative traits associated with people who are born under the Scorpio zodiac sign. They can be extremely secretive and do not appreciate anything that stands in their way. This can lead them to lose their temper and lash out in anger or in a vengeful manner.

In romantic relationships, a Scorpio desires a passionate and devoted relationship that lasts a lifetime. They respect both honesty and intelligence in a relationship and desire the ability to connect through conversation as much as physical pleasure. In choosing a mate, Pisces and Cancer are two of Scorpio’s most compatible signs of the zodiac. Scorpio and Taurus, however, are opposite zodiac signs. Scorpio people are least compatible but can still have a relationship that is fiery and highly passionate with a Taurus partner. Scorpio likes are simple and based in honesty and trust. They enjoy being right, hearing the facts, and the company of enduring friends. Financially, Scorpio can be trusted to follow a budget and will work hard to gain financial comfort and confidence.

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